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SUMMER COURSE: Introduction To Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs

SUMMER COURSE: Introduction To Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs

SUMMER COURSE: Introduction To Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Presented by: Georgia Chapter

Class information:
- 4 classes

- June 6 to June 27, Sundays, 2 pm - 4 pm

- Emory University, Emory College Center for Creativity & Arts, Schwartz Center for Performing Arts

- Free to all ARCE members; $25 for non members

Seating is limited, so register quickly via email at or join us on Facebook at ARCE-GA

Description: This will be a four week course designed to provide a basic introduction to the history and use of hieroglyphs in Ancient Egypt. The focus will be on translation and interpretation of short, easily recognizable texts such as scene captions and formulaic funerary inscriptions on private and State monuments of a religious and/or funerary nature. Such texts are readily encountered in most museums on stele, false doors and decorative elements from temples. Through examination of such ancient monuments the student will gain an understanding of how hieroglyphs, in conjunction with decorative elements, worked within their original context. Although multiple phases and styles of the Egyptian language exist, this course will focus on Classical Middle Egyptian, and will loosely follow Collier & Manley’s, “How to Read Egyptian Hieroglyphs” (British Museum Press, 1998).

Instructor: Dr. Michelle Marlar has a BA from Baylor University in Archaeology, an MA from the University of Memphis, Institute of Egyptian Art & Archaeology, and a second MA and a PhD in Egyptian Art & Archaeology from the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University. Currently, she is a full-time faculty member in the Art Department at Morehouse College and has also taught as a part-time visiting lecturer in art history within the Ernest G. Welch School of Art and Design at Georgia State University. She is also the archaeological Field Director of the Osiris Temple Project in North Abydos, Egypt conducted under the aegis of the University of Pennsylvania Museum-Yale University-Institute of Fine Arts, New York University Expedition to Abydos.

Text: Collier & Manley’s “How to Read Egyptian Hieroglyphs” (British Museum Press, 1998)

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