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LECTURE: Scanning the Pharaohs: Rewriting History

LECTURE: Scanning the Pharaohs: Rewriting History

LECTURE: Scanning the Pharaohs: Rewriting History

LOCATION:   Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP 

                                7 Times Square, New York, NY 10036 23rd Floor      

                                Reception (Entrance to 7 Times Square is on Broadway at       

                                   42nd Street, next to The Loft.  Photo ID is required to                

                                    enter the second elevator bank to the 23rd floor reception).

ABSTRACT:  The groundbreaking imaging findings of the royal mummies of the New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt presented by the scholar who did the research. Tutankhamun, Amenhotep III, Tiye, Seti I, Ramesses II, Ramesses III, and many more were among the examined royals.  

The lecture reviews the current state of our knowledge about the life, death, and mummification of these great Pharaohs and queens of the New Kingdom.  Intriguing theories about the death of the famous pharaoh Ramesses III derived from scientific clues, new evidences regarding beautification and insertion of skin fillers, clearing up long-standing misdiagnosis of mummy diseases, discovery of unique jewelry and amulets in the mummies will be shown and more!

ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Sahar Saleem is a physician and a professor of Radiology at Cairo University-Egypt and an expert in Paleo-radiology (imaging of antiquities).Dr. Saleem was a leading member of the Egyptian Mummy Project (Cairo-Egypt) who did the CT scanning of the Royal mummies of Ancient Egypt.

Dr. Saleem is known for her discoveries of mummification procedures, and rewriting history by solving the mysteries surrounding the death of Tutankhamun and Ramesses III. She is the author of the recently released book “Scanning the Pharaohs”, which brought to light her new analysis of the lives and deaths of Pharaohs and Queens of Ancient Egypt. She also authored several scientific articles and chapters in books in the domains of diagnostic radiology, and paleo-radiology. She has given numerous public lectures including lectures at the Smithsonian Institute, Oriental Institute of Chicago, Albany Museum, Nashville Music Centre, Toronto Chapter, London Ontario, Connecticut, Rio de Jeniairo, Lima, Cairo among others.

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