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Chapter Volunteers: An Indespensible Asset

Chapter Volunteers: An Indespensible Asset

Chapter Volunteers: An Indespensible Asset

ARCE-OC's ability to fundraise, offer exciting talks on cutting edge research, and bring unique day-long events like last month's souq, is heavily dependent on local volunteers. Volunteers make an incredibly valuable impact by ensuring that events run smoothly and are enjoyed by all who attend.

Two such volunteers are ARCE members, Anne Austin (right) and Marissa Stevens (left), who served at the book table at the Orange County Chapter's October 12th Ancient Egypt Film Festival and Souq.

Anne is a doctoral candidate at UCLA, having completed her undergraduate work at Harvard University, where she majored in archaeology. Her dissertation evaluates health care at Deir el-Medina through a joint analysis of the human remains and texts at the site. Anne will conduct her research for the 2014 field season at Deir el-Medina, funded by an ARCE Fellowship. For Anne, "The Orange County ARCE chapter has offered me numerous opportunities to meet and discuss recent scholarship with an international array of Egyptologists. Without the OC chapter, I know I would not have had the opportunity to meet so many scholars in person, nor to discuss my research with some of the top faculty in the field."

Marissa is also a doctoral candidate at UCLA, with the focus of her studies on the funerary papyri of the 21st Dynasty, and their associated mortuary assemblages. She has worked on Dr. Kara Cooney's 21st Dynasty Coffins Project and has traveled with Dr. Cooney to assist with research. In the future, Marissa sees herself as a university professor, in an office crammed with books; but she also enjoys working with museum collections worldwide. Like Anne, Marissa is grateful to the ARCE Orange County Chapter for providing a wonderful connection to the greater Egyptological community. "I appreciate all their support during my time in Los Angeles. They were gracious enough to provide funding so that I could travel to the annual ARCE national conference in Cincinnati last year, and their generosity means so much to me." 

We encourage more ARCE members to volunteer for future events. Volunteering is a great opportunity for Egyptology enthusiasts to meet researchers and get to know other ARCE members and volunteers who are interested in Egypt. Volunteering is a great and easy way to give back to ARCE as well!

The Orange County Chapter and ARCE would like to thank all its past and present volunteers for all of their contributions.

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