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ANNUAL KORSYN LECTURE: New Evidence for the Hyksos Ruler Khayan at Tell Edfu

ANNUAL KORSYN LECTURE: New Evidence for the Hyksos Ruler Khayan at Tell Edfu

ANNUAL KORSYN LECTURE: New Evidence for the Hyksos Ruler Khayan at Tell Edfu

Date: Saturday, March 17, 2012, 3:30pm

Chapter: Pennsylvania

Presenter: Dr. Nadine Moeller, University Of Chicago

Location: Classroom 2, University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

Lectures are FREE to ARCE-PA chapter members, $5 for University of Pennsylvania Museum Members and PennCard holders, and $8 for the general public.

Description: During the 2010 fieldwork season at Tell Edfu several hundred new sealings have been discovered in connection with a late Middle Kingdom administrative structure. They were found in a sealed archaeological context, which is linked to the last phase of use of a columned hall that was part of the mayor’s residence at Edfu.

Many of the sealings found in this context show the typical late 13th Dynasty motives but a large portion of them display the characteristics of the Tell el-Dab’a workshop and the Canaanite scarabs of the Second Intermediate Period. The most unexpected finds among this group were eleven sealings showing the cartouche of the Hyksos ruler Khayan of the 15th Dynasty. This is the first time that concrete evidence for a Hyksos king south of Gebelein has been found. This unique discovery opens many new questions about the nature of contact between the Hyksos and Upper Egypt prior to the armed conflict with the Theban kings of the 17th Dynasty. It also requires a serious reconsideration of the chronology of the Second Intermediate Period.

About the Speaker: Since 2007 Dr. Moeller has been Assistant Professor in Egyptian Archaeology at the Oriental Institute, University of Chicago. She has directed excavations at Tell Edfu since 2001. Between 2004-2007 she held the Lady Wallis Budge Junior Research Fellowship in Egyptology at University College, Oxford. She earned her PhD from Christ’s College, Cambridge in 2004, entitled ‘The Development of Provincial Towns from the End of the Old Kingdom until the Beginning of the Middle Kingdom’, under the supervision of B.J. Kemp. She has participated in numerous excavations in Egypt: Ramesside Tomb Project at Luxor, West Bank (University of Heidelberg), excavations at Elephantine Island (German Archaeological Institute), the First Intermediate Period settlement at Dendera (French Institute in Cairo), joined the Memphis pottery project directed by Janine Bourriau, University of Cambridge), the Old Kingdom town at Zawiet Sultan near Minya (University of Cambridge), excavated Old Kingdom mastaba tombs at Abu Rawash (French Institute in Cairo) and worked as archaeologist and topographer at the tomb of Merenptah (KV 8) in the Valley of the Kings (mission of The Louvre, Paris). She is currently working on her book project The Settlements of Ancient Egypt.

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