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TT110 Blog

May 2016

On Friday May 13, 2016, the Minister of Antiquities, Dr. Khalid El Enany and the U.S. Ambassador to Egypt, R. Stephen Beecroft, in the presence of Sherry Carlin, USAID Egypt Mission Director and the Governor of Luxor Mr. Mohammed Badr,  inaugurated the recently conserved Theban Tomb 110 (TT110) located in Sheik Abdel Qurna in Luxor. The conservation of TT110 project was funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented by the American Research Center in Egypt (ARCE), in close cooperation with the Ministry of Antiquities.

August 2013

All of the staff and students' work, sweat, and, yes, even occasional tears, came to fruition with the close of a successful season, and the graduation of all remaining students.

It's the last week of field work, and the TT 110 school intends to make the most of it. While we didn't reach the ancient entrance and forecourt of the tomb, we made significant progress in getting there, and have amassed enough material and observations to explain how the many meters of debris atop the forecourt developed.

This week students rejoined their instructors back in the field! With only one more week of field work before the final exam and the graduation ceremony, the students need all the time in the field they can get.

June 2013

The students of this second field school completed their specialist training in osteology, ceramics, and illustration last week.

May 2013

Time definitely flies when you're learning to excavate.

Week 3 saw staff and students diligently drawing the complex remains of a ruined modern house beside the excavation.

The second week of ARCE's second teaching session was devoted to intense training with an archaeological auto-level.

April 2013

Now that all the hard work for the first round of the TT 110 Archaeological Preparatory Field School has come to an end, we're doing the only sane thing possible: we're doing it all over again!

Digging is fun. Paperwork, not so much.

We're nearing the end of the field school's first round of teaching. As such, the digging has stopped in the excavation square and the students are focused on their specialist training.

There's no better way to learn archaeology than to get your hands dirty.

March 2013

The excavation square is now so deep that sandbags had to be added to aid workmen, staff, and students to get in and out.

We're half way through the first round of our field school! This week, in addition to the usual digging, drawing, and planning, the students participated in a number of lectures by field school staff.

The third week of the archaeological field school began in a cloud of dust.

Students completed their instruction in the use of the auto-level while ARCE's team of surveyors laid a grid over the excavation site.

February 2013

The ARCE TT 110 Field School hit the ground running this week when 6 supervisors and 2 surveyors were joined by 18 students.

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