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Featured Expeditions & AEF Projects

Featured Expeditions & AEF Projects

Over the course of more than a century, American institutions and scholars have played an important role in the exploration of ancient Egypt. Outstanding early pioneers included Egyptologists such as Charles E. Wilbour, James H. Breasted, George A. Reisner, Harold H. Nelson, and Herbert E. Winlock.

Today, ARCE's member institutions and affiliated scholars, working closely with Egypt's Minisitry of State for Antiquities, conduct research and expeditions throughout the country: in the Delta, along the Mediterranean Coast, in the Nile Valley, among the Egyptian deserts and oases. These expeditions engage all periods of Egyptian history, from prehistoric through Islamic times.

ARCE's Cairo Center provides administrative and technical assistance to ARCE-affiliated expeditions, whose activities include archaeology, epigraphic work, documentation, mapping, scientific research, and conservation.

Since its inception, the Antiquities Endowment Fund (AEF) has funded a total of 96 projects valued at over 3.5 million US dollars. The flexibility of the award is one of its outstanding qualities. Read more >>


Director: David O'Connor

In recent years a primary aim of the project has been the systematic investigation of a series of mysterious monumental cultic buildings constructed by Egypt’s first kings on a low desert terrace overlooking the ancient town.  Although some of these monuments have been known for many years, they remained little investigated and not well understood. Read more >>


Director: Pearce Paul Creasman

William Flinders Petrie's brief excavation of the site of Tausret's "temple of millions of years" in 1896 resulted in less than three pages of publication. Subsequent interpretation of his finds promoted the idea that there was nothing left of interest other than features and objects related to its foundation: trenches, stones, and deposits, all already excavated by Petrie. Since 2004, however, efforts by the University of Arizona Egyptian Expedition (UAEE) have been fruitful, producing new material and shedding light on the temple itself and the female pharaoh for whom it was built. Read more>>



Director: Diana Craig Patch

Read about the most recent season at Malqata, the ceremonial palace complex of the 18th Dynasty king Amenhotep III on the west bank at Thebes. Read more >>

Read the Malqata blog >>

Red Monastery: Conservation and Training, Job Creation, Site Management, Community Awareness

Director: Michael Jones

January - December 2017

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