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El Hibeh: Archaeological Site Looted

El Hibeh: Archaeological Site Looted

El Hibeh: Archaeological Site Looted


Dear friends, former students, and concerned world citizens: Archaeological sites throughout Egypt are currently being heavily looted, including the critical site of El Hibeh about 3 hours south of Cairo. Once these sites are gone, they are lost forever. It is a non-renewable resource.

El Hibeh is of particular importance as it is one of the least disturbed city mounds of the Third Intermediate Period. It was first built probably in 1070 BCE by the High Priests of Amun at Luxor/Thebes and then more or less continually occupied for over 1,700 years so that the site also includes important remains from the Pharaonic, Ptolemaic, Roman, Coptic, and early Islamic periods.

We have posted pictures of the site, the looting, and articles regarding this issue on the SAVE EL HIBEH Facebook page. We hope that you will spread the word, add friends to the group, and notify the press when and where possible. We must take action to save El Hibeh and hundreds of other sites like it that have been severely damaged as a result of limited police protection since January 28, 2011.

For more information visit the SAVE EL HIBEH Facebook page.

Hibeh Looting Site

The scale of the looting is highlighted by this image of the excavations in 2009 and a recent photograph taken from the same vantage point - Looting pits scar the ground. Image: provided by Dr. Carol Redmount

Hibeh Destroyed Mummy

A mummy torn open in search of artifacts lies in shredded wrapping. Image: provided by Dr. Carol Redmount

Hibeh Looted Mummy

A looted mummy pulled from a tomb. Image: provided by Dr. Carol Redmount

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