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Week 13 at TT 110

Week 13 at TT 110

Week 13 at TT 110

Students continue their study of human bones, with their subject matter firmly established in the center of the table. Photo: ARCE

The students of this second field school completed their specialist training in osteology, ceramics, and illustration last week. These past two weeks have been intense, as ARCE's instructors have pushed to instill the fundamentals needed to study bones and pottery, as well as how to draw what they find.

From this POV, you can see the ramp that will eventually lead visitors down to the original forecourt and entrance of TT 110. Behind the main excavation square is the entrance to TT 42, the tomb that currently provides access to TT 110. Photo: ARCE

Working in a large cemetery always guarantees the discovery of interesting finds. Amongst the many meters of debris that the school has worked through was this wooden fist. It would originally have formed part of a wooden coffin. Photo: ARCE

While the students attended their classroom work, some of ARCE's instructors continued digging. The field school won't get to the bottom of the forecourt before it ends, but every effort is being made to get as close to it as possible. For this reason, ARCE's field school archaeologists kept working on excavating the long rectangle that will eventually form the ramp down into the ancient courtyard. So far all of the material that has been removed in both the main square and the ramp appears to be modern.

Our hands-on instruction in ceramics sees students shape their own vessels. Photo: ARCE

The build up of this material is most likely a combination of dump from other excavations, and people living close by. The modern house beside the square explains why we have removed so many layers of animal dung and straw, and fragments of ancient material, such as pieces of coffins and furniture, suggest that the area was used as a dump when clearing nearby tombs.

Next week the students will return to the field to continue the site work.


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