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William Inglee is a member of ARCE’s Board of Governors and is Chair of the Ad hoc Relocation Committee. He reports on the upcoming move of ARCE's US office:

In a major and exciting step forward for ARCE, in April 2016, the ARCE Board of Governors approved a resolution authorizing the move of ARCE's US office from San Antonio, Texas, to the Washington DC area. Motivated by a desire to expand ARCE's leadership role in the American study of Egyptian culture and history, the new location and office space reflect ARCE's vision that engaging major philanthropy to support our mission is critical, even as we maintain and strengthen the partnership role to the US government within Egypt that Gerry Scott and our previous Directors established. Our mission has never been more important. 

ARCE’s new US office will be located in the Charles E. Blanton Building, 909 North Washington Street, Alexandria, VA. Photo courtesy William Inglee.

The new ARCE office in Alexandria, Virginia, is located only 5 minutes to National airport and has very easy access to both Dulles and BWI international airports.  It is also very close to downtown DC which is easily accessible by car, metro, bus service, taxi, Uber or Lyft.  This will enable us to interact easily with key ARCE stakeholders at USAID, the Department of State, the Embassy of Egypt, the Congress and potential individual and corporate supporters.  Given the tremendous progress ARCE has made in recent decades, there is no question that growing our capabilities and resources as we go forward is critically important.

And we are extremely happy that we were able to locate the new ARCE office in the highly popular trade association and nonprofit group area of Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, with close proximity to numerous hotels and restaurants.  This should enable us to get very competitive rates for hotels to support our fall ARCE Board meetings, as well as broaden the greatly expanded range of ARCE outreach activities that we can undertake in the Washington DC area during our meetings and perhaps more important, throughout the year. The office building also has a large conference room that is available to us free of charge for Board Meetings or other ARCE related events. 

At the same time, we will be carefully coordinating the general timeline for the closing down of the San Antonio office, recognizing that we will need to keep it open for an overlapping time so as not to disrupt the operation of the ARCE Annual Meeting in April and the simultaneous responsibility to pack up and close the office down.  We are all working hard to make this transition as smooth as possible, in particular facilitating the move of our very important archives and book collection to the new office in northern Virginia. 

Of course, this exciting move to a major metropolitan area like Washington, DC, reminds us all of one of the major reasons for the move -- the opportunity and necessity to improve significantly our private, corporate and government fundraising support, thus improving ARCE's ability to increase its active support for its members, member institutions, ARCE's own activities in Egypt, as well an increasingly interested and knowledgeable American public, fascinated by all things Egyptian.   In this regard, Jenny Archer, our new transition Development Director, has been talking to all of the members of the ARCE Board to identify ways we can all work together to raise additional funds for all aspects of ARCE's critical work as we enter this exciting new phase in ARCE's proud history.

In closing, we will be keeping all of you up to date as we move forward, particularly at our upcoming Annual Meeting, April 21-23, 2017 in Kansas City.  This is an exciting and pivotal time for ARCE and no one is more important in this new future than our members.

US Office: 909 North Washington St. Suite 320, Alexandria, Virginia, 22314 p: (703) 721-3479
ARCE Cairo Center: 2 Midan Simón Bolívar Garden City Cairo 11461 Egypt p: 20 2 2794 8239 

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