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May Trad, 1930 - 2016

May Trad, 1930 - 2016

May Trad, 1930 - 2016


May Trad, an Egyptological institution in herself, will always be remembered fondly by generations of scholars for her vast knowledge of the Egyptian Museum and countless topics on Egyptology. For years she was an invaluable aid to accessing the treasures held in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. “She knew all of the various registration systems by heart, it seemed, and was always generous in sharing her time,” remembers ARCE Director, Gerry Scott. “One of her great loves was discussing Egyptology with scholars and sharing in the excitement of their research.”


May Trad was born in Cairo in 1930. She was of Lebanese descent and studied in both Egypt and Lebanon in her early years. She graduated from Cairo University in 1968 where she studied Egyptology. She worked with many leading institutions including Chicago House, ARCE, and the American University in Cairo. In 1982 she began her work at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo and continued until she retired. She passed away in Lebanon in December.

 "I first met May Trad as a student coming to Egypt for the first time, and like many others I was very fortunate to have her take me under her wing and help me navigate through the intricacies of Egyptology in Egypt,” recalled Dr. Peter Lacovara.  “She was both teacher and dear friend who was always ready with help tracking down an object in her beloved Cairo Museum, finding an obscure volume, or with a home remedy for a cold, which would always work like a charm.  She was adventurous, welcoming, funny and very proper and always ready to correct a misstep when it was 'not correct and not nice.'  It is hard to imagine the Cairo Museum or Egypt without her and my life is immeasurably richer by having been lucky enough to have known her.”

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