Renovated mastaba & shelves for fragile blocks, South side

Renovated mastaba & shelves for fragile blocks, South side
Physical Description:
1 color photograph
Image capture by project staff
Date Created:
March, 12, 2009
Akhenaten Talatat Project Conservation
Conservation work in progress
Luxor, Egypt, Al Uqşur, and Al Karnak
Time Period:
New Kingdom and 18th Dynasty
Mastaba, Masonry--conservation and restoration, Akhenaten, King of Egypt, and Amenhotep IV
color photographs, conservation storage spaces, concrete work, and damage (condition)
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Project History:
The American Research Center in Egypt (ARCE) managed the implementation of the Akhenaten Talatat Project Conservation. The project’s objective was to clean, conserve, photograph, and record approximately 16,000 talatat blocks found in the Pennsylvania Magazine, a result of King Akhenaten’s reign. Dr. Jocelyn Gohary directed the project with assistant director Dr. Rawya Ismail, and conservation work was made possible with the support of the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities (formerly the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities).
Funding Agency:
Conservation of the Akhenaten Talatat blocks in the Pennsylvania magazine was funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Agreement No. 263-A-00-04-00018-00 under the Egyptian Antiquities Project (EAP), and through the administration and facilitation of the American Research Center in Egypt (ARCE).